University of California A-G Course Certified Math Program

The I CAN Learn® Program: Your Math Solution

Welcome to the I CAN Learn® Program, a full-curriculum mathematics software solution that is helping middle school, algebra and college students succeed nationwide. This self-paced, mastery-based instructional technology is fully aligned to Common Core State Standards for math grades 5th through Algebra, and allows for effective differentiated instruction in a positive learning environment.

Available in online learning models as well as traditional classroom implementations, this data-driven learning system offers blended learning in a scientifically proven format. Flexible grouping allows for collaborative learning opportunities. More than just a math program, the I CAN Learn® Program is the only middle school math program to have been awarded the US Department of Education’s What Works Clearinghouse’s highest rating of “Positive Effects.”

We work closely with administrators and teachers, and we understand the challenges faced in today's classrooms. And with more than 16 years of independent, scientifically based research showing that our program closes the Achievement Gap at scale and increases high stakes test scores, we know how to get results.