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Our mission is to help students nationwide master the mathematical skills they need to graduate and move on to higher education and professional success. We partner with schools and districts to help raise student scores on high-stakes tests such as the NAEP, CAHSEE, and CST. This is accomplished through the implementation of the I CAN Learn® Program, a full curriculum software solution delivering standards-based mathematics instruction. Along with its courseware offering over 500 lessons, this flexible, scalable program includes a data tracking system that can generate real time reports on demand, a boon for teachers and administrators alike. Custom curriculum alignment tailored to state standards ensures that students are adequately prepared for high-stakes testing.

With over 15 years of scientifically based research showing positive effects in raising students’ scores on high-stakes mathematics tests, the I CAN Learn® Program is making a difference in schools and colleges nationwide. The US Department of Education’s What Works Clearinghouse has awarded this program its highest rating of “Positive Effects”, and a recent study by researchers from Princeton University showed that the program closed the achievement gap by approximately one-third on the NAEP and improved student mastery of algebra by one and a half grade levels in just one year.


The I CAN Learn® Program has a long history of turning around the lowest achieving schools. Initially envisioned as a way to reach the most struggling and at-risk students, the program’s scope has increased greatly since then but remains deeply committed to helping teach at-risk students the math they need to succeed in education and move on to professional STEM careers. Our offices are located at the following address:

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