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Schools plan software expansion

Friday, November 20th, 2009

By SKYLER SWISHER (Nov. 17, 2009)

Columbia, Tenn. – Maury County schools are planning to expand the use of a software program that they say is extremely effective in helping to teach students algebra.

The school system wants the commission to allow it to use $231,075 in leftover funds to purchase computers, furniture and a software program called I CAN Learn.

All of the system’s eighth-graders started using the I CAN Learn program to learn algebra at the beginning of this year. Students receive electronic lessons and work problems at computer terminals with monitors and headphones.

“It really engages all students,” Director of Schools Eddie Hickman said. “It pushes them to improve.”

School officials say the program also allows instructors to spend more time working individually with students who are struggling. The money will be used to provide an I CAN Learn classroom at Central High School for students who need extra help in math, as well as funding a lab at Spring Hill Middle School.

Hickman said the district will not have data on the program’s effectiveness until the end of the year, but so far, teachers say it has been a success.

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