For Our Students

I CAN Learn� REMOTE ACCESS USER GUIDE (click here to jump to frequently asked questions)

The following information is to help parents and students use the I CAN Learn� program from outside the classroom more effectively.

Please use the following web address to access the I CAN Learn� program from home:

  • Type in remote.icanlearnonline.com in the address bar
  • You do not need "http://" or the "www." when typing the website address.
  • Please select your state and school from the dropdown list. (See screen shot below.)


  • Now click on the �Click to Launch� graphic located in the center of the screen to get started (see below).


After Clicking on �Click to Launch� you will see the following screen.
Please enter the same username and password that you use at your school.
Notice the red text that states �You are using the system remotely�. This means that you accessing the system from a location other than your classroom.

If your computer does not meet the requirements to properly run the I CAN Learn� program from home, you will see a screen that list the compatibility issues listed (see below):
Please read that screen carefully. You may be asked to install one or more programs (which you can download for free from the web), or to change the resolution of your computer screen.

If you are prompted that a program called JAVA is not installed, go to www.java.com and click on the blue FREE JAVA DOWNLOAD button on the homepage. Follow the installation instructions carefully. This is a small program that should take about 5 minutes to download and install.

If you need Adobe� Flash (for video playback) or Adobe� Reader (for the Independent Practice problems under TOOLS), install Adobe� Flash Player from www.adobe.com.� You will most likely want to uncheck the "Also install:" section.� Follow the installation instructions carefully.

Your minimum screen resolution must be, at least, set to 1024 X 768 pixels or higher. To change your screen resolution (on a PC):

  • Click START button: start
  • Select CONTROL PANEL (or SETTINGS and then CONTROL PANEL on some PCs):
    control panel
  • Select DISPLAY:
  • Select the SETTINGS tab: settings
  • Find the SCREEN RESOLUTION box and use the slider to change the resolution to one of the settings recommended 1024 by 768 pixels:
  • Click APPLY -- your screen will go black for a few seconds and then re-display the new resolution settings
  • Another box will appear and prompt you to confirm the change within 15 seconds -- click YES in this box to save the change

I CAN Learn� remote access works the following web browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Apple Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox web browsers

Other popular web browsers like Google Chrome or Opera will not work thoroughly, meaning they may allow you to log in, but video display and program functionality will not fully work.

WHAT SECTIONS ARE AVAILABLE when using the System Remotely
Students will be able to work through the Lesson Presentations, Tutors, Independent Practices, and Practice Tests while in remote mode.

Advancing to the next Lesson Presentation (bypassing the quiz):

  • Once you complete the IP, you will be returned to the homepage and the next section will read QUIZ. Click START LESSON at this point.
  • You will receive the usual quiz time limit box, where you are prompted to either RETURN TO HOMEPAGE or CONTINUE. Click CONTINUE.
  • You will automatically be re-routed to the homepage next. Notice that your placement has changed to the Lesson Presentation of the next lesson in the class.
  • Click START LESSON here once more to begin note-taking during the Lesson Presentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of commonly experienced problems with logging on to your I CAN Learn� student account remotely, and their solutions.

ISSUE: Student cannot log on, receiving 'Username and/or password incorrect' message.

  • Explanation 1: Usernames/passwords are exactly the same in remote mode as they are on-campus, so something must be different with how the student is entering this information.
  • Solution: Make sure that CAPS LOCK is turned off from the keyboard (unless the student password is in all caps). If typing numbers from the 10-key section on the right side of the keyboard, make sure NUM LOCK is turned on.
  • Explanation 2: User did not correctly launch the website and created an invalid cookie.
  • Solution: Clear Internet Cookies, close browser, and retry remote.icanlearnonline.com.


ISSUE: Student cannot log on, receiving 'Your account has been locked' error message.

Explanation: Student did not select his/her correct school from the drop-down menu once they reached the remote website.
Solution: Student should delete TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES, COOKIES, and BROWSING HISTORY from their web browser and then re-launch remote.icanlearnonline.com.

  • Windows Internet Explorer (version 7 or 8), go to TOOLS and then DELETE BROWSING HISTORY.
  • Windows Internet Explorer (version 6), go to TOOLS > select INTERNET OPTIONS. Then under the GENERAL tab, click the DELETE button below BROWSING HISTORY. Click buttons for DELETE FILES�, DELETE COOKIES�, AND DELETE HISTORY� Close all Internet Explorer windows and then reopen the program.
  • Apple Macintosh (Safari browser), go to Safari > Preferences... > Security > Show Cookies > Remove/Remove All.
  • Mozilla Firefox, go to TOOLS > CLEAR RECENT HISTORY > select EVERYTHING from the TIME RANGE TO CLEAR drop-down menu > click the DETAILS drop-down arrow and make sure that the box next to COOKIES is checked > click CLEAR NOW Next, type remote.icanlearnonline.com into the web address bar to restart the program. The SELECT SCHOOL drop-down menu page will re-display. Please select your actual school from the list.


ISSUE: student is receiving VERSION FILE NOT FOUND OR CANNOT REACH THE MEDIA SERVER error message on the homepage.

Explanation 1: Student is not opening the correct web page.�

  • More details: As soon as the remote.icanlearnonline.com page displays, the web address immediately changes to something like this: http://mathXX.icanlearnonline.com/cw/cwclassroom.asp?r=1
    • Once the appropriate school is chosen from the drop-down menu, the address changes again to reroute the student to the remote server.
    • DO NOT bookmark this 2nd or 3rd web address instead of remote.icanlearnonline.com. You not always be assigned to same server from day to day because the servers are dynamically addressed based on your location and usage. Bookmarking the wrong address will sometimes result in you receiving a "Version file not found" error on subsequent visits.
    • Solution: ALWAYS make sure that the web address is remote.icanlearnonline.com every time you start work from home.

Explanation 2: The server which controls remote use of I CAN Learn� is not functioning properly.
Solution: Contact your teacher so that he or she can in turn contact the district Information Technology support desk and begin investigating the problem.


ISSUE: Student is being prompted to enter a location password following their first use of the program from home.

Explanation: similar to 'version file' error message issue above. Student is going to a different web address than remote.icanlearnonline.com.
Solution: re-type remote.icanlearnonline.com in the web address bar to access the I CAN LEARN� STUDENT EDITION �LAUNCH� window and log on as usual from that point.


ISSUE: Student is being prompted to pay for access to the website.

Explanation: Student has logged on to a different website designed for home-schooled children and supplemental tutoring for non-ICL students. This site carries a monthly subscription charge.

Solution: Always, Always, ALWAYS make sure that the web address is remote.icanlearnonline.com every time you start work from home. LOGGING IN TO remote.icanlearnonline.com - click here for remote access instructions.