The I CAN Learn® Program opens up a world of opportunity for teachers.

Take learning to the next level with the I CAN Learn® Program. The self-paced nature of the program allows your students to work at their own pace, eliminating classroom interruptions. And when a child needs help, you are therefore able to work with the student on a one-to-one basis without having to hold back the rest of the class. This allows teachers to become true "facilitators of learning" as you devote your attention, time, and energy to your pupils who need it the most. And as you do so, you have the comfort of knowing that your students are working through a lesson order that has been fully aligned to your state's objectives.


Classroom Explorer<sup>®</sup> CMS

Along with the Courseware, teachers have at their fingertips the Classroom Explorer® CMS. Used exclusively by the teacher, this complete and easy-to-use classroom management resource makes tedious administrative tasks a breeze.

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