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The following are testimonials from real teachers, administrators and students using the I CAN Learn® Program in the field:

Teacher and Administrator Testimonials

"Thank you so much for helping me continue working with the I Can Learn® program. Working the Math Intervention program at Crozier was challenging, but I saw some wonderful progress with many students who tried their best. I have been personally using the program to gain a foundational understanding of Algebra. I had planned to take the California State Exam for Teachers (CSET) in Mathematics.

I'm now in the process of interviewing for a Full Time Instructor position... Even though I completed about 150 (I Can Learn) lessons I decided not to take the test. What the lessons gave me was confidence in my ability to take an Algebra Class. Previously, I felt that taking an Algebra class was outside my scope of ability. I struggled with it in college and struggled with the pace. The lessons increased my belief in myself and the self pacing was perfect. If I felt overwhelmed, then I could take a few days and come back refreshed and ready to continue. It's been great. Even though I'm taking the class, I might still take the CSET."

-Mr. Brian Harvey
Long term I CAN Learn® Substitute teacher

"Tyrone Middle School has had the privilege of having an I Can Learn® Math Lab for several years. We have seen our students FCAT test scores increase over the years through this program. Just last year, 88% of our Level 1 students enrolled in our I Can Learn® Math class increased their test scores on the 2009 FCAT, while 62% of our Level 2 students increased their math scores on the 2009 FCAT. We are hopeful that our students will continue to show academic gains in math, thanks to this program."

-Stephanie Adkinson
Tyrone Middle School
St. Petersburg, FL

"We love the I CAN Learn® Program. It helps students become better at math and teachers become better teachers. Because of the success we've had with the program, our entire school uses the program, from accelerated 5th graders all the way to 8th graders. With the I CAN Learn® Program, students complete each lesson and repeat it if necessary. It allows teachers to teach using differentiated methodology. It helps our teachers reach students who have previously not done well in math, ensures that gifted students can continue working without being held back by the need for multiple explanations and pushes the average student to always do better."

-Debbie Henderson
Principal of Indiantown Middle
Martin County Schools, FL

"We chose the I CAN Learn® Program because we know it's effective. It gives the ability for students to work on a lesson at their own pace and we also use it for teacher training - a great program."

-Janet Boatman
District Middle School Math Supervisor
Hillsborough County Schools, FL

"I am happy to let you know that I feel the I CAN Learn® Program is very beneficial to my students. It allows students to move at their own pace - many have never been in a classroom situation that allows that. It also enables teachers to spend extra time with students who need extra help."

-Kathy Echols
Hillsborough, FL

"The I CAN Learn® Program has enabled me to achieve success with the diverse population of students scheduled into my classroom. It truely means 'No Child is Left Behind.'"

-Hazel McKinney
L.B. Landry
New Orleans, LA

"When I taught in a traditional classroom, there were three identifiable groups of students: the struggling, average, and advanced. As a teacher I taught to the average group. I didn't want to leave any student behind, but I needed to move forward to cover all the standards. Those students who struggled at the beginning kept falling behind and the advanced got bored. With the I CAN Learn® Program, students work at their own pace. All students are individually working for mastery and success at their own level. I like that students get immediate feedback while working on problems. I find that students are not afraid to ask questions; they are not being judged by the rest of the class. I wish the I CAN Learn® Program was around when I was in school.”

-Pat Chawannakul
Math Teacher
Sepulveda Middle School LAUSD
North Hills, CA

"I have been using the I Can Learn® Program for 4 years. I see my students become better note takers and independent learners. The I Can Learn® Program allows the students to achieve success at their level and at their pace. The students like the program because they are able to work on concepts that they need to learn and skip the concepts that they know. Classroom time is devoted to learning the concepts that they have missed or do not know. The program challenges each student to become better critical thinkers. My state test scores have been great. Students really do learn their math by using the I Can Learn® Program."

- Patricia Powell
Buchanan Middle School
Hillsborough County
Tampa, FL

"The setting also enables me as a teacher to help struggling students while not taking time away from students that are able to advance without my assistance."

-Alan MCDougal
Arlington Heights High
Fort Worth, TX

"I have taught thousands of kids, implemented scores of math curriculum and improvement programs, and found only one program that truly works - the I CAN Learn® Program."

- Joi B. Davies
Tyrone Middle School
Pinellas, FL

"The I CAN Learn® Classroom has created an environment that is positive, inviting, and structured. The students were able to work on their pace and receive ample amount of instruction from the computer as well as the teacher. I am very pleased with the results."

- Angelice Valdez
Forest Oak Middle
Fort Worth, TX

"The I CAN Learn® Classroom enhances reading, study skills, test taking skills and the programs accountability process made the students more responsible. I sincerely believe that our test scores have improved because of this classroom."

- Benita Patterson
South Delta High, MS


Student Testimonials

"I like the I CAN Learn® Program because you get to work at your own pace and learn more from your mistakes."

- Abby Kingston
Student, Pinellas Park Middle School, FL

"The I CAN Learn® Program has helped me a lot in Math. I've seen a great improvement in my grades."

- Megan Martinez
Student, Pinellas Park Middle School, FL

"I like this program and feel that it has helped me and given me a better understanding of my lessons."

- Shelby Chudy -
Student, Brown Middle

"I think the I CAN Learn® Lab is excellent. This program is really helping me reach my goals in Math. If it were up to me, this program would be in every school in the U.S. I really do think that this program would help everyone."

-Eric Holmes
I CAN Learn® Student

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